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Construction Managers receive direction from supervisory personnel and then direct, coordinate, and plan the construction and execution of structures. They also have a hand in the overall development of a project, and help oversee the overall organization and implementation of a project.



Electricians evaluate electrical wiring, make repairs, ensure adherence to electrical codes, as well as install systems as a whole. They also plan the layout of a system within a project area or building, connect and install circuit breakers and transformers, and ensure the safety of system users.



Field Engineers create and plan the project for construction workers to follow. They also have a hand in structural inspecton, survey of land area for the project, and working with the site superintendents.



Utilize and operate multiple types of heavy power construction tools that includes bulldozers, scrapers, compressors, tractors, etc. Maitenance and repair of these machines is also part of a Heavy Equipment Operator’s responsibilities.



Plumbers are responsible for the installation and repair of pipes, fittings, and fixtures that function for the heating, cooling, or drainage of water.

What Careers are there?

Trade Hourly Wage (Average) Description
General Foreman $20.80 Supervise employees and ensure that projects are completed safely, correctly, on time, and within budget. They oversee the safety of the site, as well as manage the usage of equipment and materials on site.
Carpenter Foreman $23.42 Supervise employees and ensure work is being done correctly and efficiently. They oversee the construction, installation, and repair of various structures and materials like wallboard, wood, and plywood. Carpenter Foreman utilize hand tools and power tools to complete jobs.
Labor Foreman $23.00 Supervison and direction of employees with a range of skill and experience doing work involving roofing, waterproofing, building construction, etc. They distribute work to crews, as well as plan and delegate the direction of work and crews.
Concrete $22.00 Construct rough wooden forms, scaffolds, or other supports for temporary or permanent structures. Concrete Carpenters build the frames/forms that are used to poor concrete, as well as poor the concrete. They also have a hand in constructing house and builidng frames, billboards, and project scaffolding.
Flooring $21.27 Install various materials such as blocks, shock absorbing sheets, sound deadining, strips, or decorative elements onto floors. Flooring carpenters cut material to specific lenths, inspect the floors that will be covered, and correct irregularities or imperfections.
Foundations $23.24 Build rough wooden concrete forms for foundations, as well as other structures like scaffolds, bridges, and temporary frame shelters. Foundation Carpenters work off of instructions within blueprints, sketches, or direct instruction.
Framing $20.00 Construct and repair the framework of building projects to ensure the structural integrity of the project. Framing carpenters determine the amount of material they require, the dimensions of the project, and measure, cut, and assemble the materials according to those dimensions.
Doors $20.39 Cut, assemble, and install doors and their framework according to blueprint and plan specifications and requirements.